What is the purpose of this blog? 

Running off and on (mostly on) for 15 years, and even more worryingly for most of my life, has led to the acquirement of  some knowledge and a lot of experiences involving running. I wanted to document these memories and crazy thoughts in one place. I could have written a diary but I hear technology is our future. Plus I can add accompanying photographs this way, visuals are stimulating.

What will this blog cover? 

A range of running related topics, that may or may not have been covered elsewhere, but never by me. General race reports and observations will feature highly. This is not a numbers obsessed blog, focusing on precise splits etc but more of a social commentary. I will aim to keep jargon to a minimum.

Who is the desired audience? 

Anyone or no-one. I will ramble on regardless. An interest in running may make you more likely to have a gander but this is by no means a requirement.

Further thoughts

Hoping to update the blog every other week. I hear regularity is desirable. I want to take this opportunity to thank (in Oscar speech style) those who’ve helped me and put up with me. Notably my Grandparents, who ferried round a teenage me regularly and took me the chippy after every Thursday track session. Also, my now coach and coincidentally soulmate (yes I have one of those, but it’s good, you should get one), Jason, who ferries round the adult me.