Sun Running

The weather in the UK is hot at the moment. I shouldn’t complain, I like sitting in the sun and spend a high proportion of my life moaning about being too cold, praying for some heat. So here it is, in all its extreme glory.  I must stress that individuals from outside of the UK, probably do not view the late 20s/early 30s as a heatwave. As a country starved of sunlight, I can vouch that this is serious hotness here.

Whilst I am a massive fan of the the sun, I must complain about it in a running context (well it would be very uncharacteristic of me to not find something to moan about). I am trying my best to increase my mileage and just get out and run, however, for someone who has a life long promise to not run once the temperature reaches a certain point, this latest heat wave has proved problematic. I could always run in the morning before it gets too hot, I realise, but life has been a bit hectic at the moment so I’m not feeling early mornings. Creating problems for myself here, aren’t I?

I’m not being defeatist in refusing to run when it’s too hot. Firstly, ‘too hot to run’ levels only occur very rarely, I mean we’re looking at 2 days a year normally. Secondly, after having run for quite a few years I am more than aware of how my body responds to heat – not very well. I have diagnosed myself with some sort of body temperature issues, which basically results in me either being far too hot or far too cold and not very often in between. I can break a sweat when it’s 10 degrees. So without being too graphic, the current type of heat would leave me looking like I’d got in a shower fully clothed within the space of minutes. On the flip side, I’ve heard the more you sweat during exercise the more fit you are, I think I will go with this, if only to make myself feel better. Thirdly (sort of linked to secondly) losing excessive water can lead to dehydration and a massive deterioration in performance, which I suppose supports the argument of if you’re not going to get a quality run, is it worth it.

With all the above firmly in mind, I still thought it a good idea to run on Monday night. Those miles aren’t going to run themselves are they? I made it to 1.5 miles. to be honest this isn’t a disaster as I was only aiming for 2. However, you have to ask yourself – what I am achieving by running 1.5/2 miles?? Any way I did it. If anything I feel that it vindicated my initial feelings on the matter – probably best not to run in this. Until Tuesday night, when I did the same thing.

On this note, this increases my massive respect for Jason, who ran 13.1 miles in 26 degrees on Sunday. Jason ran the Freckleton Half Marathon as part of the Civil Service Athletic Association Championship, and he was the third counter for the Department of Work and Pensions. I was hot standing there watching so I can only imagine how difficult the run was. From someone who couldn’t manage 2 miles, it made very proud of Jason for managing over 13. I love the fact that he just gets on with stuff (basically the opposite of me!)

I’m sure the heatwave will have been and gone soon, so perhaps there’s no point in stressing too much about cramming the miles in. Let’s just have a drink and wait for it to pass!



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