Joe Moran Meeting 2017


The 10th Joe Moran meeting was held at Sportcity, last week. The meeting is hosted annually by my club, Manchester Harriers, and is a Track & Field competition solely for vets (so ‘unfortunately’ I am not able to compete…yet.) The meeting always attracts a high attendance and offers club athletes a chance to compete in events that they are strong in but also gives them the opportunity to try events that they don’t usually do – as you never know, you may be the next big shot putter….

Concidentally, I was helping to officiate in the shot, measuring where it landed and (trying) to retrieve the offending item after it had been thrown. After a bit of peer pressure, Jason gave the shot a bash, and then wished he hadn’t but I liked that he braved it and flexed some arm muscles. After all you pay £5 to enter 1-4 events, so why not do something out your comfort zone? Said me, from the safety of my age restriction.

I had a good view of most activities from my bit of the field. I was to able to watch a bit of the 3K, in which quite a few of my club mates were competing. Unfortunately, the results aren’t out yet so I’m unsure of exact positions/times, although I do know that Mel Barber won her category (with ease) and that Craig Turner produced the most impressive kick sprint of the night. Although, the night was sadly missing James Hinde, who I think may of been off at another musical – this was your chance for glory James!

Earlier, I had given Jason a present of a knitted doll, version of himself. Which despite the initial confusement, Jason appreciated. Although the new mascot failed to bring luck this time, I’m sure it’ll work its charm at some stage. As an aside, the doll was knitted by Joyce Peacock, who along with her husband, Keith, knit dolls for the running community to raise money for charity, check it out here.

The Joe Moran event always runs smoothly, grows in attendance each year and receives positive feedback from those who compete. I’m sure the event will run for years to come, under the careful organisation of Brenda Bradshaw and the committee. Well done MHAC!




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