Marple parkrun

We did Marple parkrun for the first time, on 27th May – excuse the delay! Our baptism also coincided with their 5th birthday, celebrations all around then. Marple parkrun takes place in Brabyns park, in (you’ve guessed it) Marple. The run is 2 loops of mostly grass and a sort of dirt path, and involves a stretch running next to the River Goyt, which you don’t get at every parkrun.

The run was the day before the Manchester 10K, so getting a good time wasn’t the aim of the day. I loved it. Even declaring to Jason that this was the best parkun I had done (sorry other parkruns). Of course my fondness could be attributed to fact I didn’t attempt to kill myself in order to complete 3.1 miles as quick as I could, inevitably leading to that ‘I hate running, this horrible, why do I do this?’ thought pattern. Furthermore, the weather was very favourable – the actual sun made an appearance, so the ground was solid. I can imagine what the course is like when it’s been raining. A cross country practice route no doubt. This of course has it’s advantages but my current running state, the easier, the better.

parkrunners were out in force to mark Marple’s 5th year. There was cake, smiles and even a balloon lined finishing funnel. Jason and I ran most of the run together, Jason leaving my for about 700m to run ahead to take photos. I initially responded with the disgruntlement of someone that had been abandoned mid battle. However, after some careful consideration I realised that Jason was being his usual thoughtful self and was doing me a favour by taking some photos. Which alas, I can now use in this blog post.

Even without the cake at the end, we’ll be back to give Marple parkrun another go. Who knows I might even try and run for a time, next time, maybe…


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