Halfway to 50

Last week I reached the halfway point of Project 50, by finishing my (well done mathematicians) 25th parkrun. It’s mid February now and admittedly I’m not off to the best of starts, having only run 2 runs this year. I’m not sure as to the exact reasons as to why I’ve only completed 2 thus far, maybe it’s the bleak winter mornings or maybe it’s the mental exhaustion caused by my ever impending university dissertation. No worries, there is still time and about 46 more opportunities to complete 25 runs, before 2018 beckons.

The chosen destination for number 25 was Woodbank parkrun, also known as ‘horrible hill’ parkrun, probably by me only but I need to moan about something.In fairness, there is a nasty hill involved,which you have to do twice, and the times reflect the fact that the hill doesn’t make for a particularly fast course. Although, in the defense of Woodbank, as I feel I’m being a bit negative, it is a nice alternative and the fact that it attracts a smaller number of runners gives it a friendly and more personal vibe, which can be lost at some of the larger populated runs. Moreover, some people like hills. In fact some people might not even think Woodbank’s hill is much of a hill. Different definitions of hills can wait for another post.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of choosing Woodbank over other parkruns, is that it is the closest one to our house and therefore allows for a whole extra 10 minutes or so in bed, hooray. Jason and I parked up by the park with about 10 minutes to go before the start – plenty of time as no warm up was required for today’s efforts. So we walked to the start, which took a few minutes. All good, but… JB had left his barcode in the car! Quick jog back to the car then back to the park, so we did do sort of a warm up after all. Again all was good, but… was that the starting gun?! Surely not, parkun never starts on time nevermind at 8.59. But it had. Best get a move on and try and work our way up the field, without making too much of scene.

I enjoyed the run. No records were broken but that was fine. Jason, bless him, went a bit slower and stuck with me until about 3.5k when he pushed on, wanting me to go with him but I didn’t quite have it in me. However, the 25th was accomplished in Woodbank style. I’m hoping that the next 25 will include some new parkruns for me to critique but ultimately support and I’m sure Woodbank will make more appearances.



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