Running Away from Work

Sometimes life can be hectic and worrying about how to fit a run in can result in a minor stress out. Luckily most of the time, I have to run at least a couple of nights a week, as running club beckons. However, what if (heaven forbid) I can’t make training? Then what? Do I have to do a run on my actual own, round some streets by where I live?

To be honest, if left to my own devices the chances of me doing a run off my own back are properly 70/30, in the runs favour. Basically because I do realise the importance of just getting out there and doing the run. However, despite getting on with the run, I’d often prefer not to have to/ to have already have gotten it out of the way. Ticked off, put more simplistically. This is were the ‘the running into/ back from work run’, comes in handy.

I live about 6 miles from my place of work, which is probably a good distance. Not too short to make it not worth the mither but not long enough to kill me. Coincidentally the distance was perfect when I was training for the Thunder Run, as it allowed me to get at least 12 miles a day in. Of course, as with everything, the running to and fro from work has positives and negatives. Let’s have a look at them:


  • allows you to get a run in, if you’re busy
  • inexpensive way of commuting to work
  • environmentally friendly way of getting into work
  • you can run twice in one day (if you’re very keen/stupid)


  • can be logistically challenging – e.g you have to plan everything at least the day before, to avoid having no clothes at work
  • other commuters can be annoying/get in the way
  • my route home is boring

For me the most off putting thing can be the logistics of it all. I have to plan outfits carefully to ensure that I have some sort of matching shoes to wear. During the winter, wardrobe considerations can be even more of a stress, as you need to think about coats. In the past I’ve even had to leave my mobile at home if I was doing a commute run (drama, I know, a whole day without a phone).

Then I got a running bag! (see main photo). Now, I’m not claiming that the bag has completely removed all elements of logistical challenges, as it too small to carry clothes, but it does mean that essentials can be transported. Despite the bag not moving around as much as a normal rucksack, it does still move a little bit and it doesn’t magically make the boring route home more interesting. However, it was inexpensive (think I got it from SportsDirect), has a built in water bag and makes running to and from work a bit easier.

Taking all the pros and cons into consideration, I think it’s fair to conclude that the ‘work run’ is a good alternative is all else fails but shouldn’t be relied on.


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