parkrun: 2017 edition

So it has taken me 3 weeks to do my first parkrun of 2017 and my 24th run overall. This wasn’t how I planned on starting parkrun: project 50! In my defence, South Manchester has been cancelled the past 2 weeks due to some serious path work alterations. Last week, Jason and I planned on running at Woodbank parkrun, got up at 8am ish on Saturday only to discover that the battery on the car (our green machine) was dead. Then there was the New Year’s Day parkrun in Chester, that didn’t happen, not because of hangovers but due to an early hotel check out time, obviously. This morning I was doing parkrun, even if the park was on fire.

The paths were up and running at South Manchester, so that was the destination of choice. En route to the run, I wasn’t feeling it. When I say I wasn’t feeling it, I mean to say that I was feeling getting going on project 50 but wasn’t feeling running anywhere near a remotely fast pace. Put bluntly, I wanted to fast jog it. The warm up confirmed my feelings. After yesterday’s squat overload at the gym, my quads made it clear that they hated me.

One of the problems with running parkrun quite regularly is that you start to recognise people, more importantly you start recognising the people who you normally finish closely to. Our old club mate Graham even rocked up after some time out. It was all go at this run. Once the race got started, I noticed another runner go past me, who had managed to beat me by a few seconds at the end of 2016. Sigh.Would my pride let this happen again? (spoiler alert – no).

To my surprise the run actually went ok. I did the first mile in 6.58 (yes off too fast, I go again) but it felt alright and I was even managing to hold a conversation. Jason was off in front aiming for sub 20, but he was still in my vision, bopping up and down in a long sleeved orange top. I didn’t die completely and ended up finishing in 21.43, which is okish for the shape I’m in at the moment. And  Jason got his sub 20 (19.57) well until the official results called in 20.01.

Despite some set backs, project 50 has commenced not that disastrously. Only 26 more left to go.



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