parkrun: project 50

2017, for me, will be the year of parkrun. Firstly (and perhaps slightly more importantly) for a non-running related matter, as March will herald the submission of my parkrun related dissertation. I will not bore you with the details, that can wait for another post, most probably as a procrastination exercise.

Secondly, 2017 will also witness me attempting to run 27 parkruns before the year ends, to bring my grand run total to 50. 27 doesn’t sound too unrealistic a target, does it? After all there are 52 weeks in a year… Well actually, I think the goal is realistic but a slightly challenging task. Other running goals/races will need to be attempted, and of course life may prevent me getting to a park every Saturday at 9am. For example, 7th Jan is already out, as a cross country race must be conquered instead. Therefore, I conclude that 27 is an adequate aim.

50 runs may cause the parkrun 250 die hards to scoff, but they do not know of my long standing uneasy relationship with parkrun, dating back to at least 2011. I admit I was a running snob and didn’t embrace the parkrun ethos, mocking those who regularly got up early on a Saturday morning to run a non-competitive 5k. For 5 years I lived opposite a parkrun, I could have got up at 8.50 and still comfortably made the run but instead I chose to watch the run from my window of ‘superiority.’

2016, saw a radical change in my opinions on parkrun. I’m not sure how this happened and I’m still a bit in shock about this turnaround. I have tried to fathom some possible reasons for this change of heart, and have come up with the following:

  • Researching parkrun for my dissertation has helped me to understand how the run positively impacts on individuals and local communities
  • I now live with someone (Jason) who is fast approaching the 200 run mark, high 5 Jase
  • My running isn’t as competitive as it has been previously, parkrun just lets me run without worrying too much about the time but also provides an opportunity to try and aim for a time, if I so wish
  • I no longer live across the road from one of the events, which involves making a conscious decision the night before, as to whether to run or not
  • I accidentally finished 1st lady in a parkrun a few months ago
  • I have done 22 (23 after tomorrow) runs and that seems like a weird unrounded number, in need of some rectification

So for the reasons stated above, I will be aiming to run 27 glorious parkruns in 2017, wish me luck! I’ll update the blog with my progress.



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