Sub 20 versus frost

This morning I ran around the outskirts of Platt Fields Park, waiting for South Manchester parkrun to start, so I could watch it. The ground was frosty and the heart shaped lake was practically frozen over. I jogged cautiously, taking photographs of winter as I went. All sounds extremely counterproductive, doesn’t it?

However, accomplishments were made. With a ‘race’ planned in for the next day, all that was required was a slow 2 miler, stretch out the legs etc. Jason also happened to be running parkrun and had declared his intentions of sub 20. I would watch from the sidelines and attempt to shout some sort of encouraging statements. With a parkrun PB of 18.33 and numerous sub 20s achieved, the feat was a realistic one. One factor did stand in between man and sub 20, and it was called late November, more specifically it was called Frost. With a pre-race warning from organisers of ‘be careful, your safety is more important than a few seconds’, the ironic possibilities were set in place.

It ended with 20.01. Technically it really ended with 20.03, once the official results had been posted online. Alas, the wonder of parkrun means that sub 20 can be attempted next week, plus if nothing else we have to return to collect the burgundy hoody that was left on the floor. Looking at the outing from a positive perspective no one fell over and safety did indeed prevail over seconds.


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  1. Jason Brogan says:

    Strava tells me 19:58 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. somerun says:

      Strava is gospel xxx


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